SC on Kanwar Yatra: The State of UP can’t go ahead with the Yatra

Supreme Court on Kanwar Yatra: The State of UP can't go ahead with the Yatra

Earlier this week on 16th July 2021, Friday, the apex court remarked that the State of Uttar Pradesh cannot proceed with the decision concerning the Kanwat Yatra amidst the pandemic COVID-19.

The State of Uttar Pradesh was asked to review its decision which said, the physical yatra was allowed by the bench headed by Justice RF Nariman.

The Court however did not pass any order or any direction but the state of Uttar Pradesh is asked to get back to the Court on 19th July 2021, Monday for consideration.

The Senior counsel appearing for the State of Uttar Pradesh, Advocate CS Vaidyanathan said the total ban on the yatra is not practical but the yatra will be allowed symbolically with strict conditions and a limited number of devotees.

The Supreme Court however denied this stand of the state and said the pandemic affects all and us all the citizens of India. This suo moto case is taken as Article 21 of the Indian Constitution binds to all and the right to health is important than all the other religion’s sentiments.

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