HNLU Ranked 51 – 100 | List Of World Universities With Real Impact On Crisis Management In 2021

HNLU Ranked 51

Hidayatullah National Law University – HNLU Ranked 51 – 100 List Of World Universities With Real Impact On Crisis Management In 2021 Academic Deliverables

The World’s Universities with Real Impact (WURI) ranked HNLU Raipur among the 51-100 list of world Universities in the crisis management ranking released in its 2021 conference. The WURI rankings is based on innovativeness, entrepreneurship, responsibility, openness, and crisis management than the often-used ranking of tradition, reputation, or popularity. WURI does not charge any fee or sponsorship or marketing activity. The ranking does not take any past achievements but on year-on-year performance of five categories of achievements in:

  1. Industrial application,
  2. Value creating startups,
  3. Social responsibility
  4. Student mobility and exchange and
  5. Crisis Management of academic deliverables during Covid 19 pandemic.

HNLU was also ranked at 51-100 in the Real Impact Crisis Management category and 201-300 rankings of overall Real Impact (composite five categories by WURI.

In a communique to the University Prof. Hwy-Chang MOON Founding Director, The WURI Ranking, Professor Emeritus and Former Dean, GSIS, Seoul National University congratulated the University and mailed the certificates of ranking and advocated to share the experience with other fraternal institutes in the country.

On the WURI ranking, Prof V.C.Vivekanandan, Vice Chancellor of HNLU remarked,

“This is a feel-good factor for HNLU fraternity as a whole and to the State of Chhattisgarh. Last year HNLU came with innovative methods of academic delivery, evaluation by SACE model (Special Assignment of Critical Essays) FTFL (Flexi Teaching-Flexi Learning), Lex OSMOSE (single credit online courses) EX ARCA (out of the box) web platform lectures, Alma Matters (Alumni connect), Sui Generis (Faculty seminars) and HNLU Press which were counted as innovative by WURI. Hope to continue the blended learning programmes to improve the innovativeness.”

WURI is supported by Gregory WARDEN, President, Franklin University Switzerland, Henk PIJLMAN, Honorary President, Hanseatic League of Universities, President, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Dong-Sung CHO, Chairman, The Institute for Industrial Policy Studies, The Second President, Hanseatic League of Universities and Alex MEJIA, Director, Division for People, The United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

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