AAP implicated in the Delhi liquor policy case

According to the Enforcement Directorate’s notification to the Supreme Court. The party, led by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, faces allegations of corruption and money laundering related to the formulation and implementation of the city’s excise policy for 2021-22, which was subsequently revoked. Investigations by both the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate suggest irregularities in altering the excise policy and granting undue benefits to license holders. The agencies claim that a significant portion of a purported Rs 100 crore bribe from the ‘South Group’, amounting to Rs 45 crore, was allegedly used by AAP for the 2022 Goa assembly election campaign, with Kejriwal identified as the central figure in the alleged wrongdoing.

The charges allege that AAP’s government increased wholesalers’ profit margins to 12%, purportedly in exchange for a 6% kickback, resulting in a reported loss of Rs 2,873 crore to the Delhi government. It’s claimed that Vijay Nair, AAP’s media head, accepted an advance payment of Rs 100 crore from the ‘South Group’. The Enforcement Directorate has issued seven chargesheets thus far, leading to the arrest of 18 individuals, including Kejriwal, AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Sing, BRS leader K Kavitha, and former Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia. Kejriwal was granted interim bail by the Supreme Court on May 10.

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