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IMS Law College Noida is organising a Webinar on Emerging Trends and Challenges in Institutionalized Mediation Practices on 29th September 2023.

About the Organiser

IMS Law College, Noida which was established in 2004, is the first Law College in Gautam Buddha Nagar to have started a B.A., LL.B. 5-year degree programme. The College is known for its academic excellence and value-added education. It caters to 5-year law degree courses like B.A., LL.B., and B.Com. LL.B. and LL.B. 3-year degree courses to the aspirants to be competent legal professionals. It imparts world-class education in the discipline of law.

Besides, its parent body, IMS-Noida has also collaborated with several Universities overseas and seeks to imbibe a global mindset into its students. Most importantly, there is also a strong focus on research and IMS encourages its faculty and students to undertake consultancy projects with corporate.

About the Event

IMS Law College, Noida’s international webinar on “Emerging Trends and Challenges in Institutionalized Mediation Practices” on September 29, 2023 at 4:00 pm via Google Meet

About the Webinar

The webinar on Emerging Trends and Challenges in Institutionalized Mediation Practices highlights the evolving landscape of conflict resolution. It emphasizes the growing role of technology, including online mediation platforms, in expanding access to mediation services. However, it also addresses challenges such as data security and ethical concerns in mediation. Additionally, the session discusses the need for standardized accreditation and training for mediators to ensure quality and professionalism in the field. Overall, it underscores the importance of adapting mediation practices to contemporary needs while maintaining ethical standards.

Date and Time

September 29, 2023 [Friday] from 3:45 PM – 5:45 PM.

Target Audience

Students, Faculty Members, Professionals, Research Scholars, or anyone interested in the event.

About the Speakers

Kathleen Ruane Leedy, US Certified Mediator, Trainer, Author, International Law School Tournament Judge/Coach, and Praxis Leadership Corporate Consultant.


Google Meet.


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Dr. Govind Prasad Goyal [Convener]

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