Nokia Sues Amazon and HP in US and India Over Video Patents

Nokia Sues Amazon and HP in US and India Over Video Patents

Legal proceedings against the e-commerce website were also lodged in Germany, Britain, and the European Union’s patent court

Nokia has stated that it has sued Amazon in five global jurisdictions, including the United States and India, over patent infringements on video-related technologies. It has also sued HP (formerly Hewlett-Packard), in a US court, for using video technology without permission from the Finnish telecom giant.

The company said the cases involved Amazon’s Prime Video service and devices that were in violation of Nokia’s patents on “video compression, content delivery, content recommendation, and aspects related to hardware.”

While stating that the streaming market was estimated to reach $300 billion by 2027, Nokia felt there was a mismatch between those who invested in developing the technology and those who benefitted (from it) the most.

The company said it had successfully reached agreements on such technology with Apple, Samsung, and other device makers.

Nokia said the aim of the firm was to reach amicable agreements with companies that relied upon its technology, and its doors were open for constructive and good-faith negotiations.

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