Life at Amity University

Life at Amity University

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Life at Amity University you ask?

Well, I will be honest with you it is not as easy as it might seem from the outside. Once you are in, it is a hell of a rollercoaster ride. Students have an overwhelmingly busy lifestyle, from lectures to events to extracurricular activities to socialising.

As soon as you enter the premises of the university, it pulls at the strings of your heart, it is always blooming with events, not a day goes without an idealistic and amazingly planned event.

The first-ever encounter with Amity

It was mesmerising as during the odd semesters the university conducts an annual sports festival ‘SANGATHAN’ you will see the sportsmen spirit all around the campus, students wearing jerseys and practicing all day long. It is a whole new experience to sit there watching the match and cheering your friends.

Amity can be a little intimidating if you are taking an admission right after 12th because of tons of paperwork and affidavits, although most of the submissions of forms are done through AMIZONE which is not very difficult to understand and is very user friendly. Throughout your time in Amity, you will realise the importance of Amizone, every little detail regarding classes, marks, any form whatsoever are to be checked on Amizone. The students at Amity obsessively check Amizone throughout the week.

It can be a challenge to travel to the university if you live far off.

How the students living far off start their day

The students basically have three options for travelling,

  • Metro
  • Cab
  • Self-driven vehicles

In all the three cases it will approximately take 1-1:30 hours to travel if you live somewhere in the middle of Delhi or near Faridabad, although if you live at the far end of Delhi then it might take as long as 2 hours.

The students usually have an early lecture so they start by an early breakfast at home and then travelling to the university or travelling and then having breakfast at the university, it has an amazing H block where you can find anything and everything to eat. In between the lectures you can either sit in the library and study or do your assignments or you can explore the places in and around the university. There are various popular spots around that you can visit in less than an hour.

The lectures continue till around the evening usually so students usually have lunch at the university. After the lectures are over students travel back to their place and continue with the assignments or indulge in some extracurricular activity.

Events at Amity University

The Amity youth fest is something to die for, students from all the universities come to attend it. It is one of the best fests, it has gained popularity and love from students over the years. Amity is otherwise also considered as the university where all the celebrities visit to promote their movies.

There isn’t a day without an event, different departments regularly have events in their blocks like in the law school there is always either some seminar or moot court happening every day. There has never been a dull day in the life of an AMITIAN.

Authored by: Shaurya Aggarwal

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