Delhi High Court Rules In Favour Of Rajat Sharma In Trademark Infringement Case

Delhi High Court Rules In Favour Of Rajat Sharma In Trademark Infringement Case

The Delhi High Court recently prohibited an individual purporting to be a political satirist from utilizing the Trademarks or logos “Jhandiya TV” and “Baap Ki Adalat” following a lawsuit filed by journalist Rajat Sharma and his news channel India TV, alleging infringement of Trademark and Personality Rights.

It was argued that the defendant ”Jhandiya TV” was utilizing an identical logo and the name ”Baap ki Adalat”.

The Court directed three social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook and X (Twitter)) to remove Choudhary’s content, including posts and links containing India TV logo and Baap ki Adalat Trademark.

In an interim order passed on May 30, Justice Anish Dayal said that the defendant Ravindra Kumar Choudhary cannot use photos, videos or name of Rajat Sharma “either as trademark/logo/trading style, domain name, social media posts, audio video content, or in relation to any services” which may result in the violation of personality rights of the veteran journalist.

Justice Dayal passed the ad-interim ex parte injunction in favour of Rajat Sharma in a suit filed by him and his company Independent News Service Private Limited which owns India TV news channel.

India TV and Rajat Sharma filed a lawsuit against Choudhary, contending that he was improperly utilizing Trademarks/Logos that closely resembled those of India TV and “Aap Ki Adalat,” a Television News Interview program hosted by Sharma since the 1990s.

India TV and Rajat Sharma also sought an injunction to prevent the unauthorized use of Sharma’s photograph, video or name in violation of his personality rights, across various mediums.

The Court considered the case and held that a prima facie case was made out to pass an injunction order.

The matter will now be heard on October 18.

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