Constitutional Law Lecture Series Program 2022 | Manipal Law School (MAHE) Bengaluru

Manipal Law School, Bengaluru is organising an online Constitutional Law Lecture Series Program 2022 on 26th November 2022.

Introduction to Manipal Law School, Bengaluru

Manipal Law School (MAHE) Bengaluru strives for a paradigm shift in the field of legal education and is aspiring to be a Global Law School in near future. MLS focuses on enabling students to comprehend multi-dimensional legal systems with a clear objective of developing their abilities by persuasively enhancing their written and oral skills, anticipating outcomes, and using research and analytical skills in problem-solving. The curricula and pedagogy at MLS aim to be at par with leading law schools involving contemporary global issues and standard legal practices. Cutting edge technology and Law interface is one of the research domains that will foster creation of tech lawyers/professionals.

MLS fosters a holistic academic environment in a state-of-art infrastructure that gives students inclusive access to progressive, adaptive, and innovative legal education. The learning pedagogy consists of theoretical and practical involvement with neighbourhood communities. MLS believes in producing lawyers who would excel in their profession and be humane with a strong sense of social justice.

A major thrust is given to the courses like professional ethics to make students more acclimatized to the practical nuances of the legal career. An excellent learning environment at MLS comprises an eco-sustainable green campus, a wide range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities, legal research centers, diverse departments with multidisciplinary expertise, and Legal Aid clinics to enhance the study of law. The students, under the guidance of our exemplary faculty, endeavour for an active engagement in the service to the local, regional, national, and international communities. Our goal is to create a holistic community of teachers and learners in a conducive and sustainable ecosystem.

About the Constitutional Law Lecture Series:

Constitutional law is the body of rights, rules, doctrines, and conventions that administer the operation of political society. The Indian Constitution being the supreme law of the land is a principal social document that is aided by Fundamental Rights & Directive Principles of State Policy acting together. Students of law need to understand the basics of Constitutional Law in India. Thus, Manipal Law School, Bangalore welcomes you to register for this First leg of this lecture series to get an understanding of the significant concepts and fundamentals of Indian Constitutional Law. We also intend to make students aware of the emergence, evolution, and philosophical background behind framing the Indian Constitution.

The interpreters of the Constitution ought to know the interplay between the Constitution and Social Justice as it seeks to do justice to the people of the State. We attempt to deliver to the students through this lecture series the crux of the structure of social justice and its challenges. As we know that one of the key rights to freedom that is enshrined under the Constitution is Freedom of Speech and expression. This series also aims to deliver knowledge of such freedom and its reasonable restrictions with special reference to equality and privacy norms in virtual world. As per our Constitution, the Judiciary has powers to pass any order or decree to do complete justice. This power is invoked by the Judiciary to close the gaps between existing legislations.

We plan to provide to the students an understanding of the impacts and limitations of judicial legislations. Moreover, the true intent of the drafters of Constitution is difficult to be understood by the interpreters. Therefore, this lecture series also include the concept of constitutional domains and human right mechanisms which delves into certain key notions. Apart from this, another important aspect of Constitutional law is the concept of constitutional morality. The expert speakers will give a detailed analysis of that concept because several of its proponents have described it as transformative and revolutionary in nature. We sincerely invite and highly recommend you make use of this first talk of this lecture series by registering for the same and attending all sessions either in physical/virtual mode to get an elemental knowledge of the subject concerned.


  • INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAM: 11.05 AM- 11.14 AM | Dr. Rahul Mishra, Associate Professor, Manipal Law School MAHE, Bengaluru Campus
  • WELCOME ADDRESS: 11.10 AM – 11.15 AM | Prof (Dr) Avinash Dadhich, Director, Manipal Law School, MAHE, Bengaluru Campus
  • INAGURAL ADDRESS: 11.15AM- 11.25AM | Prof (Dr) Pragna Rao, Pro. Vice Chancellor, MAHE, Bengaluru Campus
  • KEYNOTE ADDRESS: 11.25 AM-12.00 PM | Hon’ble Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India & Former first Lokpal of India
  • SPECIAL ADDRESS: 12 PM-12.35 PM | Hon’ble Mr. Justice M. I. Arun, Judge, Karnataka High Court, Bengaluru
  • Q & A SESSION: 12.35 PM – 12.55 PM
  • VOTE OF THANKS: 12.55 PM- 1 PM | Prof (Dr) Sunil John, Manipal Law School, MAHE, Bengaluru Campus

Instructions for Participants

Registration Fee: There shall be no fee to attend the said program.

Microsoft Team Link for joining the program: Click Here

Participants are requested to register either on or before 24TH November 2022 using the following registration form:

Registration form Link:

Event Coordinator

Dr. Rahul Mishra, Associate Professor, Manipal Law School, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Bangalore

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +919694865994

Student Coordinators:

  • Harshita Reddy, Tel: +917019626005
  • Ankit Vaas , Tel: +918300192279
  • Suraj Sah, Tel: +917200060441
  • Mukesh Pal ,Tel: +917470327977

Reported By: Dr. Rahul Mishra

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